Sports Medicine

In the modern world it is not possible to imagine professional sport without professional sport medical doctors. Due to evidence based approach of this doctors the sportsmen can achieve his/her highest physical potential. The team of our experienced sport medicine specialists:

  • Decide the possibility of admission to sports for athletes with diseases of cardiovascular system,
  • Give recommendations on proper workload distribution during trainings
  • Evaluates the physical working capacity of sportsmen
  • Advise for trainings of Nordic walking, fitness
  • Diagnose and treat sport injuries

Risk of injury is present in all types of sports and each sport has the specific types of common injuries, which is important to consider for each individual treatment plan. As the lifestyle of sportsmen is quite different from others our sport traumatologysts pay proper attention on every injury, assuring further successful sport career for the sportsmen.

Due to professionalism of “Wigmore Clinic’’s sport medicine doctors many athletes not only were successfully treated after injuries, but also returned to the sport and achieved great results.

Natalya Karapetyan

Sports Medicine Doctor

Rubina Mkrtchyan

Sports Medicine Doctor

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