Interventional radiology

Wigmore Clinic has an interventional radiology department․ 

Intervetnional radiology is being used widely in the modern world due to its minimal invasiveness and minimal risk for the patients. Compared with traditional surgeries, Interventional Radiology manipulations decrease postoperative recovery days, hospital days.

Under radiological equipment guidance (Ultrasound, CT etc.) interventional radiology department performs following minimal invasive procedures:

  •  Needle biopsy of tumors located in different organs or outsie of organs
  •  Mechanical yellowingtreatment with minimal invasive methods
  •  Abscesses and other liquid accumulation drainage from different locations of the body
  •  Malignant tumor destruction using radiofrequency ablation method
  •  Puncture biopsy of thyroid gland knots
  •  Thyroid gland knots treatment with ethanol injection

Department also performs diagnosis and treatment of liver, pancreas, bile duct diseases.

Aramayis Galumyan

Interventional Ragiologist

Zori Madoyan

Interventional Ragiologist, Surgeon

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