Wigmore Clinic's physiotherapy department provides rehabilitation services for adults and children. Department deals with following conditions:

  •     Neurologycal disorders (Cerebral palsy, paresis, etc.)
  •     Physical development delay
  •     Congenital muscle torticollis 
  •     Lower back pain of different etiology
  •     Postsurgical contractures 
  •     Post stroke rehabilitation 

The department has a multi-joint Biodex system, which can reproduce the movements of all joints. Biodex is used in sports medicine and rehabilitation treatment. One of the advantages of the system is that it can perform movements with multiple repetitions and for a given range of movements. The system is used widely in sports medicine, orthopedics, pediatric rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation and medical sciences.

The system is very effective for :

  • hamstring muscle injuries 
  • anterior cruciate ligament injuries and reconstructive surgeries, arthritis, 
  • patellofemoral dysfunctions,
  • total hip and knee replacement surgeries,
  • frozen shoulder syndrome,
  • reconstructive surgeries of shoulder and muscle strengthening.
Anna Martirosyan

Physiotherapist, Biodex specialist

Alla Abrahamyan


Ruben Sahakyan


    Wigmore Clinic, Pushkin Str., 56 Building, Yerevan 0002 Armenia
    +374 12 345 678 (Mon.-Fri. 09:00-18:00, Sat. 09:00-16:00)
    +374 93 023 023 (All hours on Sunday)
    +374 98 043 043 (Pediatric service - after 20:00)