Pediatric Orthopedic Service

Wigmore Clinic’s pediatric orthopedic service is provided by the leading specialists in this field, who have been locomotives of development of pediatrics in Armenia. 

Pediatric orthopedic unit deals with following pathologies:

  •  Joint dislocations
  •  Differences in limb length
  •  Clubfoot
  •  Congenital muscle torticollis
  •  Neuro-orthopedic conditions
  •  Treatment of conditions caused by cerebral palsy
  •  Benign bone tumors

Wigmore Clinic has a Gait analysis laboratory which is unique in the entire region. Laboratory gives opportunity to collect and analyze information regarding all parameters of gait.

Your confident gait is our main mission.

Karen Qoloyan

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Ara Antaranyan

Pediatric orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Zaven Qoloyan

Pediatric orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Adi Mhoyan

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Davit Sekoyan

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Arman Qeyan


Yuri Simonyan

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon

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    +374 93 023 023 (All hours on Sunday)
    +374 98 043 043 (Pediatric service - after 20:00)